Revolutionizing use of existing healthcare data. High Productivity DashboardIntelligent Search and Information Extraction for Healthcare

Revolutionizing use of existing healthcare data. 

Zato Health is the leader in cost-effective use of existing healthcare data. Click to see filmed interviews with IBM’s largest distributor and IBM's largest re-seller.

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High Productivity Dashboard

Click see one of Zato’s applications - a high productivity dashboard for diagnostic grouping.

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Intelligent Search and Information Extraction for Healthcare

We combine natural language processing and an industry-leading medical ontology with the most advanced search software available.

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Problems We Solve

In order for healthcare reform to succeed in lowering costs and improving the quality of care, groundbreaking technologies will be needed to disrupt the marketplace. Zato’s GPRO-EZ™ platform provides the power for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to manage the care of hundreds of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries. Those with the greatest potential to drive up costs […]


Zato incorporates the most sophisticated medical ontology (the language of medicine) and natural language processing capability with a core search technology. Zato’s search engine is fundamentally different from competitors. It doesn’t move data into a separate data center with the associated security risks and system-slowing liabilities. Instead Zato’s engine creates a virtual data center that sits […]

Key Features

GPRO-EZ™ ACO Quality Reporting Tool GPRO-EZ™ — Zato’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO) quality reporting solution — is a market leading automated platform for seamless integration with CMS’s GPRO tool — the portal through which ACOs report quality measures in order to participate and be eligible for CMS bonus payments. GPRO-EZ™ automates a highly labor intensive, manual process […]


Management Team and Founders Zato’s management team and Founders have been national leaders in creating and implementing leading edge technology for automated text processing, cooperative federated analysis, natural language processing, knowledge discovery, and net-centric information fusion in parallel across massive datasets in multiple organizations and decentralized data centers for healthcare and for national security. Paul […]